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Thu 13 Dec 2018

Oh!! Almost forgot...November 1st, 2019 was our 45th anniversary.....we opened our doors on November 1st, 1974 and on that first day, sold a red 1962 Mini Cooper 997 and a 1964 red Morgan +4 four seater. Which was my first Morgan.

And now, 45 years later, we are still at it...Morgans, Mini Coopers, MGs, Triumphs, Healey, Jaguar, Lotus...all the wonderful, fun sports cars from the 40s through 70s. Still capable of offering a lot of motoring enjoyment. And, curiously, they seem to get better.

We have been selling a LOT of MGs, Morgans, and Triumphs...our 'best sellers' Cars that combine a real classic look and feel yet offer contemporary performance and use.

And, personally, having the best of times with my own classics.

Meanwhile, in our sales department, we suggest that a potential buyer consider this: while the world of investments is going through gyrations, the classic car market is thriving...maybe 'cause what we sell has both collector's value (rare, appreciating) and also real use. 'USE value.

Like having fun. Going somewhere. Playing. Isn't that what life is all about?

And anyway, HOW MUCH FUN is owning stock certificates?

THIS is our philosophy. Enjoy life to the fullest. And remembering a common saying in pop psychology which referred to 'the journey' being as important as 'the destination.' Or as Cunard, the grest English shipping used to advertise...showing a loving couple on the rail of some fine trans Atlantic steam ship with the quote 'getting there is half the fun.'

Look through our inventory....or better yet, visit our showroom. MGs, Morgans, Lotus, Healeys, and Triumphs. Great classics, easy to service, fun to use, and wonderful to own.

And speaking of MGBs, check out the variety we currently have in stock. Several unrestored project cars, a number of completely rebuilt/restored cars, mostly early but a few later model cars, two competition cars, some rubber bumper cars converted to chrome bumpers (and lowered), and even a few GTs. All perfect examples of that old Air Force term....KISS....KEEP it simple...stupid.

And I shudder at the thought of repairs to 911s, Astons, Jaguars, and other similar exotics. When one can make a hell of a quick MG or Triumph that will NEVER be expensive to service or repair.

At the moment, we are improving a just-sold MGBGT...uprating luxury, performance, use, and still retaining the B's inherent simplicity and reliability. And providing the new owner that, in many ways, will offer much of what an Aston offers (thinking DB5) for maybe 1/30th the cost. For this project, just rebuilt a Camaro 3.4 liter V6 engine with around 180hp, added a close ratio Tremec 5 speed transmission, and air conditioning. WHAT A, excellent handling, comfortable, and no worry of some potential catastrophic problem. And, most of all, usable and fun.

And to quote a former professional racer friend of mine....'you can't make a pig into a race horse. But you can make an awfully fast pig.' And if you have never driven a really well prepared MGB, TR6, or even an MGB powered MGA or V6 powered can make an awfully fast old British sports car.

Right now, we have sixteen MGBs in stock....from early to mid 1960s (the purest form of MGB), through the late sixties and early seventies (still chrome bumper but with added refinements) and a number of inexpensive rust free later 'rubber bumper' MGBs. Several have overdrive, one has a 5 speed, all have wire wheels, and all are great fun for the money. With a high degree of practicality.

Of course, a step up the 'food chain' is MG's beautiful 'A' cars. 1500, 1600 Mk I, and 1600 Mk II. Now, several MGAs in stock....all with wire wheels, various colors. Not only one of the prettiest cars ever built but with superb ride, steering, handling, some people's mind a bit underpowered compared to TRs and Healeys BUT add an MGB engine (as a few of our cars have) and you get glorious performance. With power up from 72 (1500cc), 81 (1600cc) or 89 (1622cc) horsepower. Early B engines were rated at 98hp and with a cam and other work....substantially more. Go even further with a modern 5 speed transmission and the result is probably the absolute best all around classic English sports car. And this is from personal experience.

And their contemporary competitor....TR3. A bit stiffer ride, a bit cruder construction, but more power, those wonderful cut down doors, and sooooooooo close to being a Morgan without running boards. Sold a good number over the past few months and a few very good examples currently in stock.

And while our preference is for older British sports cars, currently have an Alfa Romeo and two Fiat 124s in stock. More sophisticated, more stock equipment and great Italian style.

So, at the moment quite a variety of cars from well under $10,000 to $150,000.
Enjoy looking at our inventory and reading our testimonial page...all unsolicited. We do our best to describe, prepare, and offer the older classics we keep in our inventory.

Come visit and see what we are doing. You might find it interesting, you might find it makes sense, and you may wish to share in the fun we have!

A car I am just finishing for myself.......(and this car is on our site and possibly for sale).......a reasonable attempt to create an alternative to my 1965 Lotus Elan S2 s/e. We started with my son's historic race MGB....a lightweight early 1963 car, no roll up windows, alloy bonnet, race prepared engine, 5 speed c/r trans, 4 piston front calipers....removed the roll bar, substituted a stock fuel tank to replace the fuel cell, 185/60 road tires on Minilites, stock interior, cut down the pop up pistons to 10:1 compression, installed a ported and polished alloy cross flow head, twin 45 DCOE Webers, headers, still has its racing Accusump, oil cooler, hot cam, and the result....on a winding road, feels as fast as the Lotus, similar handling, probably better brakes, only slightly stiffer ride, and feels absolutely bullet proof (quite different from the somewhat fragile Lotus).

I am guessing the MGB is only around 500 pounds heavier, putting out similar power, has the advantage of the 5 speed transmission, and so far has been a blast to drive. AND am preparing another MGB for my use, this time a lowered, chrome bumpered 1980 B, supercharged, overdrive, thicker front sway bar, 15" knock off Minilites, smooth, powerful, and a dream to drive. Never cease to be amazed at what one can do with an MGB with added or modified equipment. AND can't to drive a 180hp Camaro V6 powered MGBGT we are currently preparing in our workshop. All....very exciting.