1949 MG TC (SOLD)

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Restored, we were told, twenty years ago. But little used since....we found a ticket in the door panel showing it has been driven 25 miles since 2006....and at that time, had a new exhaust, complete tune up, oil and filter change.

Engine was probably rebuilt not much before that time....our tests.....140-145 psi compression in all cylinders, stays at 60 psi oil pressure at low revs, up to 90 psi at higher revs, no smoke, smooth performance. Clutch and transmission were both excellent.

Brakes appear to have been replaced, fairly new Dunlops, grille shell chrome is excellent, same with original King of the Road head and side lights Interior doesn't appear very old, dash nicely covered, all original gauged work as do the interior lights on the dash (which rarely work). Wiring harness appears to be fairly new, no ratty old wiring on this car. And the engine bay is close to spotless and the engine has the frequently missing original air cleaner assembly.

Top, tonneau and side curtains aren't very old and all in good condition, Has an original style luggage rack and correct single D light in the back.

What else? A nice, clean TC with older but still amply presentable paint, runs great, and what an easy to own, easy to drive, great immediate post war classic.....with most any key part easy to acquire. These were the cars that really introduced 'sports cars' to America after WWII. And a dandy additional to ANYONE's collection. Eventually add new paint, some minor detailing, and have a ready to show classic that is fun to drive and fun to be seen in.

Inventory Number: NE-1949-1

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