1953 MG TD (SOLD)

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Without question, the best single TD we have seen, driven, had for sale, or even 'heard about' in our 43 years in business.

We were contracted , late last year, to take a show quality, completely restored MG TD and make it better. A lot better. To that end, we work for months and 'finished' off the last details.

First, a top class and very expensive restoration....inside out, top and bottom, every nook and cranny, a first class car. Spotless chassis, floors, nicely painted UNDER the fenders and in the engine bay, show quality chrome, paint, dash, interior, weather equipment, on and on. New cloth covered wiring harness, rebuilt engine, original air cleaners, LOOK at the photos and view the excellence of this car.

PLUS........newly installed wire wheel hubs and chrome wire wheels, newly installed Ford T9 five speed transmission, newly installed high output heater, electronic ignition (will never need a traditional tune up in the future), converted to negative ground, modern stereo/CD with USB input, 12v outlet with USB outputs, Lucas flamethrower driving lights, THIS IS ONE INCREDIBLE MG TD.

5 speed? While the MG TC trans was in an alloy case, light and fairly sturdy, the TD gearbox just wasn't as good. And, of course, even the newest TD is 64 years old (as is, more than likely, its transmission). All T Series MGs were very low geared and with fairly wide ratios. Translation: buzzy on the highway and often noisy in operation. BUT not this TD....first of all, all synchromesh....rolling along, sure, go ahead, just pop into first gear without crashing noises (often expensive). Get up to 60-65 mph on the highway, slip it into 5th gear and watch the revs drop.


This, alone, is a $5,000+ installation and makes a HUGE difference in use. Not to mention the stronger unit (the T9 was last seen in the US in the 170hp turbocharged Mercury Merkur), and makes 'sporting driving' even better with its closer ratios.

Now, we all know how beautiful an MG TC is with its spindly 19" wire wheels (but a bit frightening to drive with vague steering, solid front axle, and tiny drum brakes). And TDs just weren't the same with their pressed steel 15" wheels. And while TFs have beautiful lines, the essence of 'vintage' was a bit lost with the angled grille and headlights fared into the fenders.

Hence, a compromise? A classic TD with the expensive option of chrome wire wheels. Beautiful.

This car was the product of a 'cost no object' restoration (and photos of reflections in the paint define the term 'mirror image') and then was further improved with the items listed in the ad. And the result is a very very special classic. Which is now sitting in our showroom and available for immediate sale.

Inventory Number: NE-1953-12

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