1952 MG TD (SOLD)

Don't have any history but, basically, a nice sound TD........excellent frame and wood structure, older (but presentable) white paint, beautiful tan interior, very nicely detailed dash and gauges/switches), good top, decent chrome.

Engine has 135-140 psi compression in all cylinders, 45-50 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke on cold start up OR when running, trans works well, diff is silent, just redid the brakes, steering is excellent. We installed a new tach drive generator, reduction gearbox, and tach cable...both tach and speedo work well as do the rest of the gauges.

What is primarily needs, at least in my opinion, is new paint. And we can redo it in any color a prospective buyer wishes. First to mind, a deep British Racing Green which would look great with the tan interior. Or red. Or black. Or Zebra stripes.

Maybe not Zebra stripes. But with new paint in YOUR choice or color, a lovely TD with its original air cleaner assembly (often missing), good wiring and electrics, add a bit of engine detail....and a great car. For not a lot of money.

Inventory Number: NE-1953-16
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