1953 MG TD

Three owners, first (and longest) in California. And last, an occasional user, in Martha's Vineyard. And the title shows as of 2019, 13,600 ACTUAL miles. So, this super low mileage is not a guess, not a representation from the last owner, it is certified by the State Motor Vehicle Department as having less than 14,000 ACTUAL miles?

How could this be? Well, imagine someone buying this cute little sports car way back in the early 1950s, and keeping it at their Summer home. Especially on an island like Martha's Vineyard. And using is 50 miles a season? 100 miles a season? I mean, where can you go? So, 13,600 miles over sixty six years leave us with 206 miles a year. AND WHERE WOULD YOU GO on an island? So, surprisingly, the low mileage is entirely believable. And even if it isn't, there it is. Stamped on the title.

The photos tell the story but, along with them, a description of the car:

One gorgeous, restored, rebuilt MG TD.....disassembled when painted and restored, painted and detailed underneath (sorry, didn't have time to wash under the fenders so, a bit of road dirt). Went over the body with a magnet, no trace of bondo.....checked the fender edges, lower doors, dog legs, the panel forward of the doors, seems like an absolutely perfect body.

One of the photos shows the wood framing, either new or perfect original. As is the chassis. And chrome, and leather seats, and stainless steel exhaust, Vredestein tires, cloth top, side curtains and tonneau. New luggage rack, racing screens on the cowl, premium chrome grille slats.

And........new wiring harness with cloth covering, new generator, new turn signal switch box, all gauges work, all electrical items, runs 65 psi oil pressure AT IDLE at operating temperature, gearbox is smooth and quiet, doesn't pop out of gear, nicely trimmed interior, spotless engine bay, the list continues................(also engine and chassis numbers match)

What have I left out? A beautiful MG TD with show quality paint, all the right virtues, the best options, all I would add is a stereo under the dash and zoooooom>>>>>>>>>>> The perfect car for the perfect road, on a perfect day, and if one is lucky, with the perfect companion.

Hard to beat a beautiful TD with racing screens, a folding windshield, elbow on the cut down doors, smooth ride, excellent steering and handling, sure brakes, and a lively engine with a 6,000 rpm red line and a sweet little gearbox. Add a picnic basket on the luggage rack and away you go.............

Looks, lets be candid. Sure, there are better TDs in the world. But not that much better. And if you are a picky buyer who knows to look for oil pressure, complete lack of smoke, the wood structure, to go over the body with a magnet, who wants excellent chrome, good fitting cloth weather equipment, new wiring, the best tires, stainless steel exhaust, all working original gauges......maybe this car will be your next TD.

Just in, ready for sale, certainly worthy of most any low key show.

Inventory Number: NE-1953-17
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