1956 Austin Healey 100M LeMans (SOLD)

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My own car, have had it for 25+ years. Fabulous example, stripped to bare metal, high quality paint, leather seats, Wilton wool carpets, chrome wire wheel, stayfast cloth top and side curtains, Everflex tonneau, new cloth covered wiring harness. around 3,000 miles on rebuilt original engine....milled head, lightened flywheel, Derringtron SS headers and exhaust.....heavy duty sway bar, rebuilt high performance valved shocks. Handling, ride, and steering are superb.

Stereo/CD under dash, CD changer behind dash, twin fuel pumps, electronic ignition, flawless reliability, overdrive works perfectly, 90 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot, perfect compression, excellent synchromesh, all gauges and electrics work fine, same with heater, absolutely solid, would be able to drive cross country. Effortlessly. And in great style.

One alteration from stock/original.....past owner fitted 3000 Mk I disc brakes and servo unit. Clearly an error for the purist but this car has EXCELLENT brakes. (and easily switched back to original) Hence my decision to leave well alone for the past twenty five years.

Has not been on the market for a quarter century. And time for it to go to someone else?

Inventory Number: NE-1956-5

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