1958 MG A 1500 Roadster (SOLD)

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A really fabulous car with unlimited potential.......

Very clean, very straight body, nice Old English White paint (not a refrigerator white as the photos seem to show) excellent chrome, steel wheels, very good top, side curtains, and tonneau

Seats just done in black leather. rest of interior also new and in great condition.

Rebuilt, blueprinted 1.8 liter five main bearing B engine, gas flowed head, 10.5:1 compression ratio, 1/2 race cam, balanced, duplex timing chain, currently with Weber carb but can switch to SUs if a buyer prefers. No smoke, perfect compression and oil pressure, visually identical to original engine with 50% more power and torque. Mated to (and this is the best part) a rebuilt Ford T9 five speed transmission.

(when the past owner had the work done on the engine/trans, he spent nearly $11,000)

While the earlier MGA 1500s were the best looking of the 'A' series, only 72 hp and the very low 4.3 back axle ratio provided modest performance and a lot of revs on the highway. With the 5 speed trans, advantages are all synchromesh, quicker shifting, closer ratios, better reliability, and 3.52:1 overall gearing in top gear. Giving this car far more performance and contemporary use.

Easy cruising at 70, 80, even 90 mph. And with the excellent brakes, ride, steering and handling inherent with an MGA, an owner will find this car offers the best compromise in a classic English car.

Wire wheels with all new hubs, bearing, seals, chrome knock offs, etc.

More performance? We can fit a higher lift cam, and see 110-120hp. Remember, the much praised (for performance if not reliability and access for tuning) MGA twin cam had 108hp in the high compression and 100hp in the low compression versions. Nedless to say, for a classic English sports car, this MGA flies.......

Why stop here? We can fit an aluminum crossflow head, twin 45 DCOE Webers carbs, and the result will be incredible performance and the 'look' of a really exotic engine when the bonnet is open. We have done this conversion on a number of customer's MGAs and MGBs (and my own 1965 MGB) with incredible results. All of these items make an MGA into a really wonderful classic car.....more power, 5 speed trans, great looks, a high degree of reliability (helped with the addition of electronic ignition, back up fuel pump, and other extras).

Just being finished.

Inventory Number: NE-1958-18

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