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1958 MG A 1500 (SOLD)
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Just in....must have been a beautiful car but a fire due to wiring issues has left the interior....gone. But our crew is about to begin a restoration. Fortunately, not rusty and from the windshield, forward and from the rear of the cockpit to the back, very nice. Chrome, sheet metal, etc.

Our plan: we are going to pull the engine/trans (in unknown condition), rebuild both, new wiring, all new interior, everything that is bad...will be new. And, has a nice set of chrome wire wheels with nearly new Michelins.

A wonderful opportunity for a potential buyer to be able to pick color (as we are going to paint it inside and out, a color change is a snap), any color interior, any engine (1500, MGB, other?), any transmission (stock, 5 speed are choices), we can 'create' an MGA to fulfill a buyer's dreams.

So, for now, we will begin doing basic work but IF you ever wanted something very special in an MGA (disc brakes? Dual master cylinder? super powerful MGB engine?) this car is like a book with mostly blank pages.

Call and we can discuss options.

Inventory Number: NE-1958-45
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