1959 VW Micro Bus 'Blackbird' (SOLD)

Like few others n the world. A cost-is-no-object restoration on a 1959 VW Bus. But what a Bus!

Super modified 1835cc engine, finned alloy sump, twin Weber carbs, rebuilt and improved transaxle, all new brakes, suspension, power coated exhaust, mint/perfect floor )looking great done in gloss black) and 'underneath,' excellent body and paint and chrome and trim, and.........

Incredibly detailed interior, lavishly upholstered, hit a dash switch and a flat screen TV miraculously pops up in the back. Open a cabinet door to see a VW emblemed fridge door, pull the hfull andle and open the sunroof, enjoy the modern stereo, put lots of stuff on the luggage racks, enjoy the plush rear compartment, even sleeps two when the seats are down. And if you enjoy being cozy, maybe more than two.

A 21 Window bus with two extra windows added, professionally done and look 'factory'...now, 23! Kitchenette, folding seats, lots of cabinet space, pop opening 'Safari' front windows, seat belts front and rear, even curtains and throw pillows that match the upholstery.

What do you do with this car? Well, IF you think you get a crowd when you drive your Ferrari or Maserati, or even your Gullwing Mercedes to the local burger and shake joint, just drive this beauty and watch the crowds (I did). AND you can bring lots and lots of happy guests....watch TV, lots of counter space for lunch or dinner, and when you get to the beach, remove the surfboards from the roof racks and play some 60s Beach Boy music.

Just a thought. But it is a wonderful piece of 50s kitsch and remarkably useful. And it can be yours.

Inventory Number: NE-1959-40
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