1960 MG A 1600 Roadster (SOLD)

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Just finished.

Excellent body (look at the reflections in the paint), just painted in BMC GN29 dark BRG, fenders removed and new fender welting installed, new seals and gaskets, new dust shields, new door seals and chrome end caps, excellent chassis, disc brakes, strong early 1800cc MGB engine (a note about this conversion....as an early B engine, it is visually virtually identical to the 1600cc MGA it replaces including the external tach drive and connection to the MGA's original mechanical tachometer, something 1965-1980 MGB engines did not have. This engine offers more power, greater flexibility, a higher degree of reliability AND with 101,000 MGAs built, let's face reality, perfect 'originality' will never be a negative factor in MGA ownership, collectibility, or resale value. Sure, in a TC/TD/TF, maybe but not in an MGA)...our tests, 80 psi oil pressure when warm, 150-155 psi compression in every cylinder, zero smoke cold or hot, all factory 'perfect,' just tuned and balanced twin SUs, new black seats, carpets, interior panels, near new top (a bit wrinkled, from being folded, in the photos but will even out in the sun), new side curtains, wire wheels, mostly new chrome and trim, painted and detailed dash, spotless trunk compartment, new jack and knock off hammer, new chrome knock offs, nicely detailed engine bay....while the early (and notoriously unreliable) early twin cams were rated at 108hp, later twin cams...with reduced compression ratio....were rated at 100hp.....and an early B engine was rated at 98hp giving this car a lot of flexibility and overall performance. Something most MGA's seem to lack in comparison with their period competitor, the TR3A.

No fender mirrors installed BUT the car is supplied with two new Lucas style mirrors....the new owner can have them installed (by us) anywhere they wish.

On the road, as perfect a driving MGA as one can imagine, transmission is quiet, has excellent synchromesh (not a rattle bucket as in most MGAs....I mean, they ARE 55 year old cars and few have had their transmissions rebuilt), strong and smooth, tight steering, excellent brakes, smooth ride, no wonder that a good, strong running MGA is just about the perfect compromise in a classic English sports car.

Fresh oil and filter, trans and diff oils checked, lubed, valves adjusted, timing set, ready to drive anywhere.

Inventory Number: NE-1960-40

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