1960 Triumph TR3A (SOLD)

A nice, clean, excellent running old Triumph Indicated 50,000 miles thought to be original.

Excellent body, went over it with a magnet to check for Bondo...none found. Original floors and chassis (dirty and could use a steam cleaning but no obvious rust of damage), nice older paint in original color. Interior appears to have been recently replaced and is in very nice condition as is chrome, rubber seal, and trunk bay.

Wire wheels, disc brakes, starts instantly on the button, 70 psi oil pressure, 150-155 psi compression, no smoke hot of cold, smooth powerful performance. Front end feels light, brakes work well, transmission seems to be in excellent condition, overall, a nice 56 year old TR.

What to do with it? Of course, we could effect a complete color change and, at the same time, paint and detail the engine bay. Of just paint the engine bay in matching primrose and buff and wax the exterior. No top or side curtains but the car does have the original top frame so new pieces would be easily obtainable.

Runs and drives very well, looks good, great dash with all original instruments and switches, new horn/turn signal center, add some additional detail work and own a lovely TR3A.

Inventory Number: NE-1960-43
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