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1960 Triumph TR3A (SOLD)
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Just in. One of the best unrestored classic Triumphs we have ever seen.

Got it from an old friend who owned this car for many years. And it has covered only 73,000 miles since new. Alas, at 77, he couldn't complete the restoration he started. But, now in our workshop and carefully examined:

Starts instantly, runs our tests, 165-175 psi compression in every cylinder, 70-75 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke at start up or when warm and driving. All essentially 'as new.' And smooth, powerful and with quiet valves, and no dreadful oil leaks.

Clutch is smooth, doesn't slip, and the gearbox has excellent synchromesh and is quiet in first and reverse gears. Brakes (disc in front) work well, front end is nice and tight, steering feels good, charging system working........all great stuff for an unrestored car.

Underneath.....lots of surface rust, but no perforation, Excellent floors, sills, chassis, just in need of some sanding and painting (which we will probably do one day soon). And the body.........NO RUST, excellent panels, rockers, quarters, seams, and covered with original paint. All doors, panels, bonnet and boot fit well. Where there are spots of bare metal, one sees primer and the exterior paint and nothing else. Went over it all with my kitchen magnet and no plastic filler. Anywhere.

Unfortunately, some past owner sprayed ugly red over bare metal spots which, I must say, doesn't add to the car's potential beauty. (If we finish the car, we may very well do it in proper BRG)

Interior....all original and in very good, very usable condition, same with dash, original gauges and switches, same with door and interior panels.....just needs carpets.

Front bumper is very good and all four bumper guards (and grille) are brand new. Same with aluminum fender beading (new and never installed), lots of new rubber and lights, on and on.

Radiator appears to be fairly new, has the top frame, windshield chrome is very good, and even has all or (at least) most of the original tools, original radio, and original heater (fan works and heater matrix doesn't leak). Original top is with the car but is old and tired (but not ripped).

Whats left? A small rust hole in the muffler, ancient tires, all lights (other than working brake lights) are currently disconnected. And we are starting work and can offer this car to a prospective buyer in any color and with or without wire wheels. When done, will be absolutely rust free, no bondo used as filler, will have a new top and side curtains, new radial tires, new exhaust, everything working, a really good example of this fabulous classic sports car.

And,, discussing TR3s, 110 mph performance, disc brakes, small but usable rear seat, and we can offer a lot of worthwhile options.....all synchromesh transmission as used in the TR3B, overdrive, modern 5 speed transmission, painted or chrome wire wheels, twin Weber carbs, headers, rack and pinion steering, ANY color exterior (including painting the engine bay, door jambs, under the bonnet and boot lid), modern stereo/CD, on and on. We can 'build' a great TR3A on this excellent starting point.

Call for details.

Inventory Number: NE-1960-46
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