1960 Triumph TR3A (SOLD)

Not exactly a barn find....we got the car from a local fellow who knew us, he had the car for twenty plus years, doing his best to restore and finish the car. Alas, he never did.

When it arrived, it was completely rust free and had been repainted once, many years ago. Every few months, we would start his 'baby' and drive it out of his garage, warm it up, and then put it away. Over the past few years, he installed a new clutch, did the brakes, kept the fuel tank clean by keeping it filled, did lots of odds and ends. And, while the carpet was removed, the original seats, interior panels, etc. were very close to mint, perfect, and all original. Same with chrome and much of the trim.

Hence, when we picked it up, went for an immediate test drive.....70 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot, excellent synchromesh, perfect clutch action, and when we did a compression test, 165-170 psi in every cylinder. Like new.

So then........we proceeded with the restoration.....stripped the exterior, painted it in black acrylic, hand wet sanded and buffed the exterior, when we removed the seats, we found some thin metal under the seat bolts....and, to do this car right, replaced the floors with new factory panels. With the chassis and complete underside sanded and painted.

Wiring was a bit of a mess even though most everything worked....now, a new wiring harness, new generator and voltage regulator, new exhaust, has wire wheels with new tubes and tires, only gauge that didn't work was the water temp unit and it was rebuilt.

We professionally dyed the seats in red and carefully masked the white piping. They look great and incredibly, are all original. Same with interior panels. We dyed the dash to match and fitted new carpets. The effect turned out to be somewhat of a miracle as it is excellent and original. Pretty hard to duplicate in a near sixty year old car,

Top frame painted, new webbing fitted, new top, new side curtains, new tonneau, complete trunk upholstery kit, some chrome replaced, new fender moldings, new horn/turn signal control unit, even disassembled the heater, cleaned and pressure checked the core, made sure the fan worked, and installed it.

Grille is new, same with rear bumpers, there isn't all that much we didn't attend to. Trn signals work, has new seat belts, handbrake adjusted, and even has an upholstered rear seat. And the result is an excellent driving, unusually fast, beautiful TR3A in black with red interior. Ready for most anything.

Inventory Number: NE-1960-48
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