1962 MG A 1600 Mk II (SOLD)
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Only 29,000 documented and substantiated miles since new. Compression is 152-155 psi in every cylinder, 60 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot. SU carbs have no play in the throttle shafts and work perfectly. Fitted with a set of tubular headers and oil cooler. Transmission feels like a 29k mile car...quiet, excellent synchromesh, wonderful operation.

Very clean body, repainted, some time ago, in black......still gorgeous and (as often described in ads and visible in the photos) 'laser straight' and paint shows 'reflections like a mirror.'

Disc brakes, wire wheels, new shocks and brakes, all new interior in deep red leather to match the dash (which is original and beautifully trimmed). Top is in very good condition, has new tonneau and side curtains, all gauges and electrics work, ride, steering, and handling are all very good.

Has a near new exhaust system, new wood steering wheel, almost all new chrome and trim, clean engine bay and trunk compartment, all in all, a sensational ultra low mileage MGA 1600 Mk II.

On the road, quiet operation, no rattles, trans or diff noises, maintains perfect oil pressure, not the slightest puff of smoke, all original gauges working, is a very very nice MGA.....and the 1600 Mk IIs are the most powerful of the pushrod-engined MGAs.

Yes, currently has a (better looking) Mk I grille and, yes, more than happy to install a proper Mk II grille if so desired. Also have all of the correct (and new) Mk II insignia, last owner had the holes filled and hate to drill them UNLESS a buyer wishes.

You really can't get a better compromise classic sports car in the price range.....contemporary performance, great lines, easy to acquire and inexpensive parts, great driving, and simple, inherently reliable mechanical components.

Inventory Number: NE-1962-30
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