1962 MG A 1600 Mk II (SOLD)
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Just in from Phoenix Arizona.....a really nice original car, runs and drives like new.

Very clean body and older paint....okay, up close there are signs of touched up scratches but the photos show....looks great from ten feet. Does it need to be repainted? Okay, maybe eventually but for this driving season, looks sufficiently good for fun use. And a repaint? Isn't that what Winters are for?

Floors and chassis appear to be in excellent condition......no sign or rust, damage, old repair, everything looks exceptionally good. Moved my kitchen magnet around the edges of the body on both sides, rockers, quarters, doglegs, etc. Stuck everywhere. Fairly new wire wheels, knock offs, and tires.

Engine is a very strong, rebuilt 1800cc B engine....185-190 psi compression in every cylinder, no smoke hot or cold, 70+ psi oil pressure at operating temperature. Rebuilt twin SUs (seem perfectly tuned), `rebuilt braking system (new fuel tank, rebuilt shocks, rebuilt transmission (works like new, strong synchromesh and quiet gears), new clutch, new u/js, mostly new chrome, new SU fuel pump, new dual gauge, extra good cooling system, new radiator, optional shroud, new hoses, and...(yes, few places hotter than Arizona)

New side curtains, new top, all new interior, new seat padding, new adjustment slides, nicely done wood dash, new recreation of original steering wheel, new windshield rubber seals, new tonneau cover, and all new fender welting. Overall a wonderful example of this relatively rate MGA (a bit over 9,000 built out of 101, 000 of all MGAs.

Complete with jack, knock off hammer, engine crank, tool bag. And always serviced (by last owner of nine years) by Jaguar/MG specialist.

With its powerful engine, disc brakes, performance is roughly comparable to an MGA twin cam. For 1/4 (or less) the price. And with a much higher degree of reliability. Overall, hard to beat a good MGA as the ultimate compromise in a classic English roadster.

Inventory Number: NE-1962-31
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