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Year: 1962

MG A 1600 Mk II

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Stock # NE-1962-36

Just in.........an unusually interesting 'project in process.' Let me explain.

A combination of excellent original and excellent restored...in need of finishing. Chassis, inner panels all look like a brand new car. Guessing the body was off and the 'insides' were professionally restored. Really breathtaking. And covered by its original body with ORIGINAL BRG paint. Flaking off, at spots, such as the trunk lid. Not surprisingly has much of the exterior, doors, hood, trunk lid, are aluminum.

Currently installed is a (we were told) just rebuilt MGB engine. And everything look connected. We installed a battery, drained and refilled the fuel tank, it fired instantly and ran perfectly. No bearing noises, zero smoke, 50-60 psi oil pressure, quiet valves. .Clearly an abandoned restoration.

Interior is all new, seats, panels, carpets, new seat belts, looks great.

Car has very good chrome (installed), windshield assembly (on the car), top and frame (off the car), side curtains (in need of repair), even a super rare original Les Leston steering wheel (probably worth a bundle on eBay).

Of the 101,000 MGAs built, only around 9,000 were the Mk II. And with 98hp almost as powerful as the later model MGA Twin cams (100hp). With disc brakes, sensational steering, ride, and handling, MGAs are wonderful cars to own.

AND for the 'collector,' this car comes with its original 1622cc engine. Head, block, crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, etc. Which we could assemble/rebuild and install.

We also have a freshly rebuilt early three main bearing MGB engine in inventory. Which we could install and has the virtue of having the same external block mounted tach drive as all MGA engines.

We are starting body prep/paint blending (to retain as much of the original paint as is possible), of course, we can sell the car right now, as is, and do whatever a potential buyer wishes. To bring it closer and closer to completion. Including repainting in ANY alternative color (including engine bay, door jambs, under hood and trunk lids).

Inquire for further details.

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