1963 MG B roadster (SOLD)
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An awesome car we have just 'created' starting with my son's ex SCCA (long ago), historic race (as recently as this Spring) car now modified to being a 'hot' fast road car.

Excellent rust and damage free body and chassis, always on the West Coat, never has seen salt. With very good BRG paint and the somewhat rare original aluminum bonnet. Redone original seats, original dashboard, original gauges and switches.

Engine: had been rebuilt not long before our acquisition, we stripped the engine, had the pop up high compression forged racing pistons milled down to (still higher compression) flat tops. Was 11.5:1, now 10:1. Doesn't ping on premium pump gas. Balanced bottom end, lively race camshaft (not so radical as to be unusable on the road), ported and polished aluminum crossflow cylinder head, new 45 DCOE Weber carbs, tubular racing headers, free flow exhaust, electronic ignition, lightened flywheel, idles nicely, pulls like a race engine, really wonderful performance.

Mated to a rebuilt close ratio five speed transmission, later (and stronger) tube type back axle, twin fuel pumps, aluminum racing radiator, oil cooler with new Aeroquip lines, Accusump oiling system, rev limiter, really the best of everything.

Has a thicker front sway bar and had a rear sway bar which we removed (too much oversteer, I felt, for safe road use), 6" by 14" Minilite style alloy wheels, 185/70 radial tires, four wheel disc brakes with Wilwood 4 piston front calipers and cross drilled/slotted rotors...and a dual master cylinder with servo assist. AWESOME brakes.

Negative camber front lower control arms, new springs, rear polyurethane spring bushings, runs great, fabulous handling, was pulling at 110 mph in 4th gear with plenty more (when we ran the car at Summit Point raceway) in 5th gear.

As a race car, the windows and winders were removed BUT we have installed a road windshield, working wipers, new convertible top and modified MGA side curtains with special brackets on the doors. To make it weather tight. No wind leaks, work beautifully. And for Winter use, we fitted a very desirable original factory hardtop.

For road, we installed a new stereo/CD with USB input, speakers and antenna under and behind the dashboard. And for track use, we have the removable race roll bar (not a worthless 'street' roll bar), competition seat, the car has five point racing harnesses, battery cut off switch, fire extinguisher, catch bottles, safety wired engine and trans drain plugs, big low oil pressure warning light on the dash, new fuel tank, this is one incredible MG sports car.

Lots of 'track days' available for fun race like use (Lime Rock, Pocono, plenty of others), we just installed a very powerful auxiliary heater for colder weather use, and for now, fulfills the original concept....a car much like a mid 1960s Lotus Elan, okay, a bit heavier but with superior brakes, the wonderful 5 speed transmission, a high degree of simplicity and reliability, and incredibly inexpensive parts with wide availability.

This is a very special car, now offered for sale.

(and yes, we can reconvert this car back to its original starting point as a ready-to-go historic racer by switching back to its non crossflow race prepared head, single 45 DCOE Weber, race windshield, fuel cell, etc.)

Inventory Number: NE-1963-29
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