1963 Lotus Elan Series 1 and 1/2 Roadster (SOLD)
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Just in.......two owners, stored for 33 years, excellent chassis, excellent body (no stress cracks), very good older paint, being 'awakened' and being prepared for sale. The informal one and a half designation refers to this being a very early Series 2 but (original from the factory) with Series 1 lights. Actually appears to the 46th S2 built.

Super rare....lets face it, who knows how many were converted to race cars, crashed, taken apart for parts, or even gone to Lotus heaven. But the purest form of Elan with Elite-like tail lights.

This is what we have: no indication of damage, rust, or repairs. Incredibly well preserved body, excellent fit of doors, no cracks anywhere, perfectly straight, the best we have ever seen and really amazing due to being such an early Elan.

We were told the last owner used the car for road and for mild club racing at the local Lime Rock circuit. For racing, mildly modified.....full roll cage, race harnesses, little else. Fortunately, no fender flares, stock wheels, everything stock in the engine bay (twin cam, Webers, etc.) other than changed to an alterator.

Biggest chance is the dash....must have been cracked because now covered in black vinyl and fitted with some extra gauges. Fortunately, still retains its original speedo and tach and all of the original switches. Just get a new dash, a proprietary Smiths fuel and dual gauge and it would be easy to get this interior looking good. Driver's seat needs some work, passenger's looks fine, carpets look like they came from Home Depot.

Clearly, for road use, needs to go through the engine, clean the carbs, rebuild (as necessary) brakes and suspension, lots of details. BUT, as they say, 'its all there,' and the body and chassis are sensational. Plus, as an early Lotus Elan, one can't doubt a steady and continual level of appreciation.

Of course, 'plan B' could very well be: do it up as a replica 26R racer. To that end, no worry about original dash (a piece of aluminum would do quite nicely), some bolt on Panasports, do up the engine (we have, in stock, a freshly rebuilt Cosworth 'L' block with 1600 crank, JE forged pistons, overbored, and displacing 1700cc), sway bars, dual master cylinder, fuel cell, etc. etc....and have one incredibly enjoyable historic race car.

Even can be done as a true dual purpose road car/race car. In fact, this car would be the dandy basis for a choice of directions. And for not a lot of money, would make a very interesting project.

Inventory Number: NE-1963-9
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