Year: 1964

Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater


Stock # NE-1964-14


A car I have owned for many years and now find somewhat superfluous to my needs (just acquired a much earlier four seater). BUT the best Plus 4 I have owned in 37 years of continuous Morgan ownership (my first being a 1959 four seater, back ion early 1974).

Sure, sure, I know the argument...two seaters are prettier and four seaters look ungainly. Not in my eyes hence most of my own cars being the extremely rare four seater ('how rare, you ask?' Typical Morgan production was maybe 250 to 450 cars a year and, from what I have always read, roughly 10% of production was four seaters. Do the math. These cars might not be worth mega zillions but they are VERY rare).

So, the question is 'why?' First, and most obvious, is the four seats. NOT 'jump' seats like a 911 or Healy 3000. But ample leg room for my 6'3 1/2" tall teenage son. There is even a photo of him in the back seat with a pile of luggage.....try THAT in any two seater. And on several occasions, we have gone for drives with four full sized adults.

The two and four seaters share the same fact, other than the different gas tank location and a change in rear sheet metal, they are the same car. Even convertible back and forth if one has the interest.

BUT the four seater has real front seats. Adjustable fore and aft, even adjustable back rest angle, real springs, far more comfortable. And with a feeling of a higher degree of roominess. car? Purchased from a guy who was 90% through a chassis, many new panels, new firewall, new wood, even new Marine plywood floors. The engine was rebuilt to SuperSport specs with a high lift cam, gas flowed head, tubular headers and those beautiful twin 40 DCOE Weber carbs. All new wiring, Koni shocks, this was a VERY well prepared car.

The engine is fabulous pulling the car up to top speed around 115 mph very quickly, smooth, responsive, and extremely flexible. Will pull from 800 rpm in TOP GEAR (barely a crawl). This is coupled to one of the best Moss gearboxes I have ever used...surprisingly good synchromesh, quiet in all gears, smooth shifting, a genuine delight. Have never driven any Morgan with a better drive train.

Painted in proper BRG two part base coat/clear coat and wet sanded and buffed), all of the chrome is somewhere between very good and fairly new, interior was completely redone, factory wood dashboard, an effective original heater, wire wheels, beautiful period steering wheel, new top, side curtains, and tonneau..........lacking nothing. Even adding more than one might expect.......

Electronic ignition, reduction gear starter, oil cooler with alloy duct and connected via pressure fittings and Aeroquip lines, electric cooling fan, back up solid state fuel pump, stereo/CD with iPod input, forged towing eyes welded to chassis, quality tires, four sets of seat belts, can even supply a luggage rack. I added everything I could imagine to make a first class Morgan. And have enjoyed it (granted, maybe no more than a hundred miles per season) for years. With no expectation of EVER selling it. 'Till a suitable replacement dropped into my lap.

Goes great. Smooth at any speed, even had a fun drive in the mountains of Quebec, a few years ago, seeing 115 mph on the way back to Tremblant. This car GOES>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Not a rocket, just a quick classic sports car that has been expertly prepared to a very high level of reliability, performance, and esthetics.

Yet, in a recent demonstation, pulls from 800 rpm in top gear! From barely a crawl to 115mph without shifting! Amazing.

NOT a 100 point show car but, aw shucks, the car gets used. Body and paint are gorgeous and it is ready to roll out of our showroom to a semi serious show. And has been invited to and displayed at the prestigious Greenwich concours so I can use a bit of poetic license to consider my Morgan to be a bona fide 'show car.'

For verstatility and use (have driven it a number of times IN THE RAIN with four people aboard, odd as it may look....a Conestoga Wagon comes to many other small sports cars can keep four people dry in a rain storm?)......even have driven it an ample number of times in cold weather as the heater is quite can this car be beat? Really the best of the best and only being sold to make room for a newly acquired early Morgan four seater.

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