1964 Volvo PV544 (SOLD)
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Acquired on the West coast, appears to be ORIGINAL PAINT (where there are any small chips, it is right down to the bare metal). Paint is FAR from show but certainly acceptable for (temporary) use. Body seems to be in great condition... No bubbling or cracking of bondo, very straight, good fit, etc. And we were told the engine was rebuilt 20,000 miles ago.

Front end seems very tight (we checked tie rod ends, bushings, etc.), last owner replaced the master cylinder, all of the wheel cylinders, and all of the brake shoes. Brakes work great (and we just installed new handbrake cables). Even has a new fuel tank. Has its original jack and spare wheel/tire.

However, when it arrived, there was an odd 'ticking' noise from the engine, not a rod bearing, something else. We also found the floors 'a bit soft' and the thought of retaining the somewhat tacky interior was uninviting.

Hence......engine came out, the noise was a worn cam follower (maybe not replaced when the engine was rebuilt?) now it has been completely overhauled, new high lift cam and new cam followers, rings, bearings, timing gears, etc.... ALL new factory floors expertly welded into place by our in-house Porsche 356 floor expert, wherever ANY rust was uncovered, now replaced with steel panels. Underneath...now excellent.

Redid the interior with new carpets (yes, we know they came with rubber matting but carpets reduce road noise and does make the interior a bit more plush), redone seats and door panels (red with white piping) and just installed a new headliner.

Engine just installed, runs like new (but revs quicker and feels far more powerful), car is about as far as we plan on going: could use, to finish, new paint, new bumpers (readily available) and some detail work. BUT what a PV it would be....fresh engine, excellent body, all new floors, all new interior, new windshield and rubber seal, a great car for the money and easy to finish.

Why are we not painting it? To a knowing buyer, this is the ultimate way to purchase a car...with original paint. No damage, no rust, no patches, no bondo, no nothing. And think how many people buy older cars with new paint only to find, six months later, the bondo cracking and rust coming through.

Of course, an option is to purchase the car, SEE how excellent it is, have us paint and finish the car. I guess any color would work....imagine black with the the new red interior. We can do the engine bay, door jambs, inside the doors and the dash. Would be absolutely breathtaking.

Inquire for more details.

Inventory Number: NE-1964-17
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