1964 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III

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Nice example, very nice red paint (just professionally wet sanded and buffed), straight body, very good chrome, excellent structurally, new rockers, new floors, a modified late model (the 10CC engine with 2" main bearings) 1098cc engine, hot cam, substantial increase in power and performance (revs very quickly, feels as fast as a 'well tuned' 1275 engine), 5 speed Datsun B210 transmission (the key reason we acquired this car), very nice interior (red seats with white piping), new disc brake calipers, Aeroquip flex lines, new springs and bushings, new wiring harness, sway bar, rear tube shock conversion, heater, good top and tonneau.

Our tests: 150-155 psi compression in every cylinder, no obvious oil leaks, 50 psi oil pressure on the highway, zero smoke cold or hot. Valves are quiet, idles nicely at 800 rpm, tracks perfectly, stops smoothly and quickly, and the steering is fabulous.

Can't begin to express the virtues of a 5 speed transmission in this application. Which takes a fun little 'round town' car with mediocre highway use and provides the ability to drive a distance at (relatively) high speeds. Which I found when we installed a 5 speed in my own Bug Eye....have seen 110 mph and easy cruising at 95+ mph. Okay, granted my 1312cc Oselli engine is two and a half times as powerful as the Bug Eye's stock engine. But, also, this Sprite's engine is far more powerful than stock.

On this car, in 'normal' 4th gear, runs a buzzy 3,700 rpm at 60 mph. But shift to fifth and it drops down to a relaxed 3,000 rpm. Indicating only 4,500 rpm at 90 mph. IN A 51 year old Sprite!!!!!!!!!!!

Engine bay is very clean and I wouldn't have any qualms about presenting this car at a local car show. After all, over fifty years old, no rust, excellent driving, full weather equipment, a VERY nice little collector's sports car with a historic name on the hood badge.

EASILY Demonstrated. In my opinion, the best single Spridget we have ever had for sale. Does everything well and doesn't miss a beat.

Inventory Number: NE-1964-22

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