1963 MG B Roadster/Racer

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A really fabulous, incredibly versatile race and road car.

Number 25,000 out of over 512 thousand MGBs built. A very early car. Absolutely rust and damage free West Coast car........as perfect as perfect can be. With very nice BRG paint. Even with the original bumpers painted and blended in.

Freshly rebuilt original engine....new ported and polished alloy crossflow head, new twin 45 DCOE Webers, roller rockers, high compression pistons (but not too high to run on 93 octane gas), balanced, everything crack tested, high lift camshaft, new heavy duty clutch. Starts instantly, runs flawlessly, smooth and powerful up the red line in every gear.

Very close ratio Datsun 280ZX five speed transmission with closer ratios than the factory racing gearbox gear sets. Four wheel disc brakes, dual master cylinder, power brake servo from a 1980 MGB, great brakes.

A nice new set of eight spoke Minilite style alloy wheels, 185/70 radials (also available with original B steel wheels and narrow 165 radials....as seen racing in photos taken at a VSCCA event at Lime Rock), thicker front sway bar, completely rebuilt front and rear suspensions, polyurethane rear bushings, negative camber front lower control arms, stronger later model tube type back axle, handling is really superb.

Racing bucket seat and a pair of very good original seats, sturdy removable roll bar, twin fuel pumps, Accusump oiling system, all new Aeroquip oil lines and fittings, oil cooler, adjustable rev limiter, racing mirrors, new aluminum racing radiator (runs cool on a 95 degree day in traffic), racing windscreen using original windshield mounts (cut down) and currently fitted with a full road windshield and a new convertible top, electronic ignition, racing hood latches, racing battery cut off switch, catch bottles, beautifully detailed engine bay.

For road.........twin stock low back seats, working lights, turn signals, 3 pt belts for passenger's side, New Sony stereo/CD, charging system, handbrake, full tonneau cover, electric radiator cooling fan, stock metal dashboard, on board trickle charger;

For race:.........everything safety wired, everything prepared for tech inspection, even has a nice custom tonneau to cover the interior when the roll bar is installed.

Fast road car, ready for historic racing, truly two cars in one. We saw over 115 mph down the straight at Summit Point, starts instantly, runs flawlessly, doesn't miss a beat. And looks great. And has a road title and racing log book.

We lavished most everything on this car as we were preparing it for my son....he ran it with the VRG at Summit and VSCCA at Lime Rock.....and now, prefers to concentrate on racing his 32hp Kart. So for someone who wants a 'hop in and go racing' car that can also be registered and used for fast road use, the car offers a lot.

Inventory Number: NE-1964-28

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