1967 Lotus Elan S3 Special Equipment (SOLD)
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Quite a find and like few other Elans anywhere in the world........

One owner since 1969...puchased with 2,000 miles, now certified 39,000 original miles. Always garaged and cared for. Very good original white paint on essentially perfect fiberglass body, excellent original top and boot cover, excellent all original interior, only very slight crazing of the wood veneer on the glove box door, otherwise an excellent dash in every way. And no cracks on the dash crashpad.

Excelent rust and damage free xhassis, 1,000 miles on engine rebuild with Stage 1 cams. 1558cc DOHC engine, twin 40 DCOE Webers.

Fitted with a slight upgrade of an alternator replacing the original generator and converted to negative ground. Never fitted with a radio and still with the original wood radio blank.

Other work done: new Sprint couplings, back up electric fuel trump, auxiliary radiator electric cooling fan. Tires also replaced.

As an S/E' version, has the more powererful 118hp spec engine, knock off wheels, and front fender indicator lights.

This is FAR from a 'barn find' in that the owner has run the engine or driven the car at least once a month for all of these years. And covered a mere 37,000 miles. All in all certainly one of the lowest mileage, original Elans on the planet.

And the rest? I have owned Elans for forty years (and still have a prized BRM modified Elan S2 S/E roadster in my barn), and this car literally drives like new. Smooth and flexible, effortless to start from a rest in 2nd (or, probably, 3rd) gear, quiet and refined, super quick steering and shifting, a blend of soft springs and stiffer shocks results in a superb ride by any modern standards. And the ability to 'throw around' this 1,500 pound sports car can't be duplicated in ANY modern car.

As one English magazine once stated, 'the ultimate in squirtability, the ability to squirt through traffic.'
And, like most of the other cars we sell, small and light, a car well attuned to a 55-65 mph society with rigid enforcement of sometimes archaic speed laws. Think about this.....nobody wants to fly to England in a poky old DC4 or Constellation and who but a antiquities geek would care to use his old Apple IIE and floppy discs? (and my Leica collection has been collecting dust since I surrendered to a tiny Canon digital plastic appliance)

But think of the few opportunities to (really) drive a modern mutli cam, 6 speed, turbocharged 180-200 mph GT on the road? But an Elan (or MGB or Mini Cooper S or Lotus 7 or....) is FUN to drive at speeds approaching legality. And, thus, the impression of speed seems to be far more important on the road than the actual speed.

To paraphrase another writer, gosh, I must have read this in college...."makes an average driver into a race driver and a race driver into....Jim Clark."

Our price is toward the highest region for an Elan. But in its condition and with its originality and perfectly documented history, think what this car might bring at auction in a few years. Food for thought.

Inventory Number: NE-1967-31
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