1967 Morris Minor Traveler 1100 (SOLD)

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What a find.............11,000 ORIGINAL MILES SINCE NEW. NOT some old, musty, rotten 'barn find' but a car that has always been carefully maintained, used seasonally (and sparingly), and in incredible condition.

Body is excellent and has original green paint in very very good condition, rear body and rear roof are all aluminum and superb. Same with the wood framing (rare to find original nearly 50 year old external wood in excellent condition)), chrome, trim, and interior. In fact, the interior is almost like new.

Seats, headliner, carpets, padding, side panels, interior wood, dash, switches, gauges, all 'like new.' Starts instantly, runs flawlessly........we did a compression test, 135 psi in every cylinder. Even the transmission feels 'as new' with perfect shifting (and it is the FAR better rib case unit with semi close ratio gears), excellent synchromesh, and quiet operation. We found new brake metal and flex lines, new wheel cylinders, new brake shoes, new ignition wires, new handbrake cable, and other recently installed 'service' parts.

Lots of neat 'late model' stuff on this car.....factory locking steering column, factory four way flashers, factory fresh air heater (and very effective), factory inertia reel belts, factory negative ground, factory solenoid (instead of old starter switch), factory wing mirrors, even factory ash trays. WITH original Lucas "European spec' matching headlights. No doubt the headlights this car came with back fifty years ago. (And, like all older cars, this too has its unique secrets.....a VIN check indicates this car is really a 1971, original LHD, 300th from the last Traveler built in April 1971, and thus one of the newest Travelers and maybe with the lowest mileage....probably with a 'switched year to circumvent USA import rules that no longer apply).

Exhaust is quiet, has a new battery, jack and lug wrench, tires are fine, we double checked the brakes, wiring harness is remarkably well preserved, roomy interior with rear folding seat back, and yes, it is a dream to drive. Like going back in time..........

And for our own enjoyment ('till it sells), we just installed a new stereo.

Not a lot of LHD examples such as this (come to think of it, not a lot of RHD examples either). Most have rotten wood, decayed interior, soft floors, wobbly suspensions, and this car....ready for show, for daily use, AND IT SEATS FOUR! So all can have a dandy time.

And you can own this delightful, easy to service, reliable, fun 'woodie' for far less than it would cost to restore one.

Inventory Number: NE-1967-42

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