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1967 MG B roadster (SOLD)
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Another 'find' in an early MGB.......seems like someone was in the midst of a thorough rebuild/restoration and for whatever reason.....stopped.

Came in with beautiful interior, red with black piping, banjo steering wheel, carpeted and detailed trunk, chrome wire wheels, new radials, galvanized fuel tank, Monza exhaust, new convertible top, new chrome, BUT in need of finishing.

We did a compression check, 135-140psi in every cylinder, 50-60 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke, clutch and gearbox feel good, good exhaust, very solid floors and battery boxes, BUT sun faded paint on the horizontal surfaces and in need of paint.

At the moment, we are going over the car....just disassembled the front end, fitted new MGBGTV8 control arm bushings, new rack boots, check the kind pins (no play), fitted a new brake master cylinder, and now, ready for body prep and paint.

Of course, being that we plan (when time allows) to repaint the car, we can offer it in any color....Old English White? Black? Red? Your choice. And when we repaint the car, can do a nice job matching the new exterior color to detailed engine paint, door jambs, under the hood and trunk lids, etc.

What a nice car this would (and will) be. A darker color really offsets and fairly new chrome wire wheels, ANY color will work well with the new interior, and mechanically car seems first rate.

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Inventory Number: NE-1967-47
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