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1968 Riley Elf MkIII (SOLD)

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One of the rarest Minis....out of millions made, only a bit over 30,000 Rileys. And, in its day, the 'posh' Mini.

First of all, our car......we sold it back in 1986, owner drove it a bit and wound up storing it in a dry warehouse for......twenty five years. Unloved, not run, sitting on deflated tires. Now, back in our hands and finishing a very thorough rebuilding/restoration.

First of all, 31,000 genuine miles since new (after all, WAS off the road for a quarter century). Original paint was flaking off but remarkably intact. And as we pulled it a part, we found rust in corners. We replaced the front left fender due to rust around the headlight. And proceeded to effect rust repair anyplace we found it. Fortunately, floors and subframes were fine with no rust perforation at all.

Then we attacked the mechnaicals, electircs and hydraulics. Brakes had been done before it was put to sleep and they worked perfectly. Flex and metal lines fine, no leaks, nothing seized. Not so for the clutch hydraulics......rebuilt slave, new master and all worked fine. We tested and ran the engine.....190-200 psi compression in every cylinder, 85-90 psi oil pressure, no smoke at all. We disassembled and cleaned the big HS4 SU carb, installed Petronix ignition, purrs like the day it was new. No oil leaks, quiet valves, excellent power and performance (for 40hp).

We cleaned and serviced the hyrolastic suspension, no leaks, perfect ride height, works like new. 145R10 radials on original wheels and a test drive. Smooth ride, fine brakes, perfect steering, excellent shifting, all went well. Exhaust was a bit loud, hence a new set of pipes and muffler. of contacts, fiddling here and there.....all gauges work, all lights, wipers, electric washers, we installed a new heater core and the heater is fine, gauge lights, on and on. Everything now works. a later model Mk III, `1968, has the Mini Cooper disc brakes, alternator, negative ground, and................

As a 'posh' Riley, has hidden door hinges, roll up windows, face level air vents, 3 point belts, a larger trunk, the more elaborate Riley grille shell and special bumpers. Quiet, smooth, incredibly fun to drive.

What else? Well, the original leather had seen its day and is being completely redone, wood dash was in good condition as were original carpets and near perfect original headliner. New side molding and new windshield compression strips going on. Even installed a new stereo with bluetooth, a 12v outlet under the dash with USB outputs, and (for now) our plan is to repaint it in its original maroon. BUT a buyer, now, can have it any color that goes with the deep reddish maroon interior. Black? Gray? White? You can choose.

Did I leave anything out? New solid state fuel pump, cleaned cooling system, new thermostat, new battery, installed a battery switch, glass is all excellent, has its original Riley VIN plate and all insignia, original vinyl roof in very good condition...........I guess that is about it.

OTHER than, in stock, we have a new sunroof which we can install for more enjoyable fresh air use. And we intend on installing a nice pair of driving lights. And that is it.

A rare, fun car that is easy to service, a blast to drive, top speed approaching 80 mph, great handling, and a funky show entry. IF interested, call and we can discuss finishing work, further options, and anything else. And, of course, discuss price.

Inventory Number: NE-1968-13

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