1968 MG C roadster

A nice, clean original car with 74,900 original miles.

Went over the edges of the body with a kitchen magnet, no sign of bondo anywhere. Can't begin to tell you how rare this is on a fifty year old English sports car. And floors, sills, rockers all looked fine....a touch of surface rust (of no consequence whatsoever) at spots, but generally remarkable close to perfect. A RARE example. IN fact only around 4,500 MGC roadsters were built

The 3 liter improved version of the old Healey engine (with 7 instead of 4 main bearings) runs like new, no smoke, smooth, powerful 150hp versus the last rubber bumper Bs of 62.5hp), twin servos for effortless power brakes, high 3.07 diff gearing, 15" wire wheels, and a proper upper and lower A arm front suspension with tube shocks (appears to have been recently rebuilt as most of the components were unusually clean).

New top, very nice interior (we can dye the seat inserts in solid black of a buyer prefers), no rust in the trunk, very nice chrome and trim, everything works, has a crummy but operable stereo), wiring looks to be in good condition, paint is MORE than presentable for either general road use or low key shows.

I know the story, these cars were nose heavy. But in driving the car 'round town, the steering didn't feel any heavier than a stock 4 cylinder MGB. BUT A HUGE power difference, much smoother, and the power assisted brakes worked exceptionally well. And with overdrive, what a nice smooth highway car.

A beautiful example, runs and drives well AND (of course) has perfect working overdrive. Combined with the high gear diff, 15" wheels, makes for very relaxed highway cruising up to its 120 mph top speed.

Inventory Number: NE-1968-16
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