1969 MG B V8 roadster (SOLD)

Geez, IF you ever wanted a Sunbeam Tiger but are now shocked at their ever escalating prices....maybe this MGB is the one for you. A super modified MGB roadster.

Fitted with a 1985 Ford 302 V8, high performance camshaft, brand new Holley 600cfm four barrel carb, headers, just a guess.....250-270hp? When you consider a stock MGB of this era is barely 90hp, even the English MGBGTV8 was only rated at 137hp, you can imagine the performance....in a car weighing just over 2,000 pounds. And, as an example, my own Lotus Elise is 189hp in a 1970 pound car.

Mated to a rebuilt C4 auto trans and just installed....with shift kit. As instructed by the last owner, works best when shifted like a manual unit with the advantage of not having a clutch pedal to operate.

Other work.......Ford 9" rear with 373 gears, new dual master cylinder, gas tank flushed and cleaned, radiator flushed, a lot of work ....just done.

All new Dolphin gauges and senders, all work properly, electric radiator fan, relocated heater core, roll bar with a removable front bar, checked over the body with a magnet....no indication of plastic filler anywhere. With excellent floors and perfect trunk floor.

Interior is stock, good condition, a later year dash was installed, Crager wheels appear to be very heavy duty to take the engine's awesome torque, tires are 185/60-15 (the larger diameter wheels offer higher gearing), paint is amply good....looks great in photos but a bit less up close. But who cares? It is in the performance that makes this car dazzle.

Not 'your ordinary' MGB but if the idea of having a wickedly fast little sports car is appealing, look no further. 'Cause here it is.

Inventory Number: NE-1969-13
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