1969 MG BGT (SOLD)

Another one in a series of cars we have been lucky to find that was (literally) a labor of love on the part of the last owner.

Only 52,000 original miles, just a hair over 1,000 miles per year, and in great condition.

Excellent workmanship in doing a first class body restoration, ALL rust cut out and replaced with factory panels, inner and outer rockers, quarters, etc. And then painted in a beautiful and rather elegant Dove Gray.

Interior, likewise, new carpets, seats redone, classic original style steering wheel, and.....what is it on the console in front of the shifter??????

A Turbo vacuum gauge.

Because not only was the engine rebuilt and a new clutch fitted BUT a new Supercharger kit added. And what a difference between this car and even a normally modified MGB. As in the word 'ZOOOOM.'

And the normal stuff....wire wheels, excellent chrome, as a Mk II has the stronger gearbox and back axle, everything works properly and overall, a lovely car.

Back in their day, the BGT was known, in England, as the 'poor man's Aston Martin.' Which one can deceive one's self into believing. Either way, a wonderful car as is OR as a starting point...imagine the interior dyed in a deep red, perhaps adding a sunroof, driving lights for the 'rally look,' a modern stereo, all things we can offer.

Inventory Number: NE-1969-14
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