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1970 Morgan 1600 Roadster (SOLD)
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Very close to a 'new Morgan' as Morgan 1600s have been built continuously from 1968 until 1982 and similar models continued for years after. And as far as condition, NOT that far from 'as new.'

Perfect running 1600GT Ford engine, Weber carb, tubular headers, 95hp, smooth, powerful, quick revving, perfect oil pressure and compression, no oil leaks, zero smoke. Coupled to a quick shifting 4 speed all synchromesh transmission. With a 1456 pound factory listed weight, this car has lively performance and easily modified for substantially more.

Disc brakes, new master cylinders, near new wire wheels, thermostatic controlled electric cooling fan, driving lights, stereo/CD, heater, 3 pt brakes, really needs nothing.

Excellent body and paint sufficiently good for show use, creme with BRG fenders, chassis looks almost like new (which is possible as new chassis are offered in England), RHD, very clean original black interior, near new tan top with matching side curtains and full tonneau, very clean chrome and trim. Modern wiper equipment, modern electricals (including alternator), even modern (for its age) safety equipment. All in all, a sensational Morgan.

Rides very well, excellent brakes, handling, and fairly precise steering. Engine is silky smooth right up to the redline, can't beat the synchromesh (I tried), and incredibly quiet (too quiet for my tastes but easily corrected). All in all, it has the 'look' and feel or a nearly new Morgan.

Just in, fully serviced, ready to drive anywhere. Inquire for price and details.

Inventory Number: NE-1970-12
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