1971 Volvo P1800E

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Owned by local Volvo enthusiast and collector. Alas, health issues caused this car to sit in his garage for the past five years. Until awaken by us and prepared for sale.....

Excellent rust free floor and body, excellent body and paint, not perfect but very good chrome and trim. We cleaned the fuel system, checked brakes and front end, fitted new radial tires, new battery, and voila! It came to life and ran beautifully.

Wet sanded and buffed the paint and, as the photos show, truly a 'mirror finish' ready for show. Really gorgeous. And goes well with the very clean original interior with leather seats.

Headliner, carpets, dash, etc. are all very good, engine bay and trunk are very clean, has a working stereo, and ready needs nothing for low key shows or general use. And that is what makes these P1800Es so appealing....YOU CAN use it as a 'car.' Powerful, fuel injected B20 engine, 4 speed with overdrive (works properly), four wheel disc brakes, 2+2 seating, powerful heater, comfy for long distance cruising, back and forth to work, or a nice Sunday and some winding country roads. All perfect for this Volvo sports car.

I think the world 'robust' would easily these cars and this rust free, excellent running example fits the bill. Reliable, easy to drive, and remember, the certified world champion 'most mileage covered' is a similar P1800 with 4 million miles covered....by the same owner.

If you want a stylish, fun collectable that can parallel the use of a contemporary car, this P1800E offers a lot for the money. Prepared, wet sanded and buffed, fluids checked or changed, new battery and tires, seats nor worn nor ripped, headliner 'as new,' beautiful car.

Inventory Number: NE-1971-7

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