1972 Lotus Elan S4 Sprint (SOLD)
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A car I have owned for many years and now plan on selling....need room in my barn for two recent acquisitions.

This car was restored with little regard for expense.....a quick history.

Imported years ago from Monaco at a time when the DOT and EPA did not allow post 1967 cars into the USA without all applicable emissions and safety equipment. Hence this car came in (somehow) as a repapered 1967.........and now, hey, legal and here (the laws were changed from a January 1st 1968 cut off to 'twenty five years or older' being legal).

AND WHAT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spyder tubular space frame chassis, far stronger than stock, will never rust, and the tubes (as opposed to cheap sheet metal) give easier access to components. All rebuilt suspension, Spyder plated tubular control arms (MUCH stronger than stock) new shocks (Spax adjustable) adjustable ride height front and rear (with adjustable collars) strut inserts replaced, all the brakes redone, CV joints replacing Rotoflex couplings. And a real authentic set of Minilite knock off alloy wheels with new radial tires.

Very few miles on rebuilt modified twin cam.......head done by Quicksilver racing to beyond 'big valve' spec, gas flowed, ported and polished, and fitted with higher lift cams. European spec non emission Stromberg carbs and intake manifold (the same size Strombergs as used on a 4.2 liter E Type Jaguar of the era, so, even without Webers, a LOT of air flow and as many books stress, smoother running than Webers), tubular headers, semi close ratio 4 speed transmission, electronic ignition, new wiring harness, spotless engine bay. Even a brand new 3.55 (the proverbial 'needle in a haystack' diff that is so coveted by Elan owners for a high top speed and easy cruising) was just installed.

New wood dashboard (yes, the $1,100 California kind), excellent seats, door panels, and carpets, padded dash top, all working (mostly rebuilt) original gauges (and an oil temperature gauge), new expensive stayfast cloth top and boot cover, carpeted trunk, lots of goodies.........battery cut off switch, back up solid state fuel pump, original Chapman steering wheel, stereo/CD with USB connection, clock, and air horns.

No stress cracks, lovely paint in green over white with gold Sprint side stripes, performance exhaust system, supplemental electric cooling fan (with a superior Elan S3 radiator...much bigger than the scrawny S4 unit), halogen headlights, the list of improvements we have made is very extensive.

AND.......yes, it continues........have a Weber head, prepared, 155hp Dave Bean cams, gas flowed, big valves, a pair of rebuilt 40 DCOE Webers that can be fitted. AND (yes, NOT the end yet) can offer this car with an exchange engine using a 1700 'stroker' twin cam (yes, not the usual 1600 'tall block' which often caused fitment issues, this is a highly modified original Cosworth 'L' block, internally modified and fitted with a 1600 crank, t/cam rods, forged pistons giving a displacement of 1700cc. If fitted, this short block, the Webers, and the modified Weber head were due for installation....giving 155hp and awesome performance).

In stock form, the European Sprint was rated at 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of around 125 mph. In a tiny, super lightweight Elan, these figures give the 'feel' of MUCH faster acceleration and a far higher top speed.

Heater works perfectly, car always runs cool in the hottest weather, windows go up and down nicely, isn't missing a trick. And open to discussing a deal including the Weber head, Webers, and 1700c short block.

If you want one of the best of this rapidly appreciating high performance collector's cars, here is your chance.

Inventory Number: NE-1972-24
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