1972 MG B roadster (SOLD)

A basically sound car, last owner babied it for the past 15 years and (I am sure) enjoyed every moment.

Body is very straight, paint looks fairly new. Compression test showed 145-150 psi in every cylinder, I saw 70 psi oil pressure when hot and on the highway, 69,000 original miles. And no smoke hot or cold.

Transmission works well, no clutch slip or chatter, brakes have been checked and work well, came in with steel wheels and we installed new Minilites....For less, we can offer stock wheels. For more, a complete wire wheel conversion. So choices......

Has a new top, a good boot cover, the condition of the interior is quite good, carpets, seats, and door/interior panels,. Has a modern stereo/CD, exhaust is quiet, all gauges and electrics work, not a spot of rust in the trunk, wiring seems unmolested, very nicely detailed engine bay, and it runs and drives very well. All in all, a nice MGB that really 'needs nothing.'

Of all of the MGB sub models, my favorite is the 1972-1974 1/2 cars.....still with higher compression and twin SUs, a nice dash with face level air vents and glove box (which the 1968-1971 Bs didn't have), the stronger tans and back axle (missing on earlier Bs), and (of course) the chrome bumpers removed after 1974 1/2.

So,, in the long history of the MGBs, these 1970s Bs seem like a good compromise. And really offer a lot of fun use at not a very high price.

Inventory Number: NE-1972-38
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