1972 Austin Mini 1000 (SOLD)
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Two owners since new (one a friend of mine), literally purchased from a 'little old lady' in London 14 years ago, just used as an occasional play thing in the USA and ONLY driven in the Summer. With 32,000 actual miles since new.

Very clean body with original paint....a few bubbles starting here or there but excellent floors and subframes (we just went through the car thoroughly, found a number of rust spots in rockers and footwells....a week of cutting out rust, fabricating new metal, expert welding work....now, NO rust anywhere). Interior is very clean and all original other than the two comfy Corbeau seats. No smoke (once it warms up), all synchromesh transmission is excellent as is the clutch. All brake and clutch hydraulics were recently replaced, wheels are Cosmics with 165/70 Yokohama A008s (the best tires available) but we could also fit stock wheels with new 145 radials.

As a later model Mini, has a powerful heater, alternator,, roll up windows, hidden door hinges, and other 'later model' refinements.

And yes, a blast to drive. Can hit around 80 mph flat out but the real fun is twisty back roads where the light, precise steering and incredible cornering power are the best. And at a speed, in truth, that will not cause a spirited driver to wind up in jail. Mainly ;'cause the impression of speed is far more important then the actual speed. And even 'round town, this car feels like one is driving on a 1960s Alpine rally.

And for those with a greater 'need for speed' we have, in stock, a modified Cooper 1275"S" engine on a 4 synchro transmissionm, 3.44 diff, manifolds, carbs, etc.. Which we could install in this Mini. Food for thought?

Now, at our paint shop being painted in GN29 medium dark BRG (and MGB color). All of the chrome appears to be new, we are adding extra padding under the very good original carpets, we have installed a new stereo with bluetooth, new mirrors, new side trim, will be absolutely beautiful when finished.

Have been driving it a bit. Easily cruises at 60, 65, 70 mph, probably can hit around 80 flat out, around town has superb steering, handling, comfy ride, sure braking (nearly every brake part including the master cylinder is new), all new clutch hydraulics, fitting a nice pair of WIPAC driving lights, and we added a nice wood steering wheel and adjustable steering column recliner.

These are great cars....doesn't have the power of a Cooper 128=75"S" but, then again, doesn't suffer the annoying torque steering, is simpler to service, more economical, and our price reflects a car a bit down on the food chain. But for 'round town, country roads, modest highway use, it seems to do all and more and offering a lot of fun.

Done soon.

Inventory Number: NE-1972-39
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