1972 Lotus Europa Twin Cam (SOLD)

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Nice car.........48,000 original miles, strong Big Valve twin cam engine, (our tests: 140 psi compression in every cylinder, pegs the oil pressure gauge when hot, no smoke), desmogged, one of the easiest to shift Europas I ever drove (I guess the shift linkage is not worn out), original Lotus Brand alloy wheels, orangy red (and original paint is in very good condition), with excellent oatmeal interior. Has its original twin servos, correct tire size (175 front, 185 rear), excellent chassis, all working electricals (including power windows), quick, fabulous to drive, currently in the process of tidying up details (wheel paint, paint buffing, etc.), must be one of the least expensive, somewhat exotic cars one can buy.

Inventory Number: NE-1972-42

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