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1972 Triumph TR6 (SOLD)
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Just in, currently being prepared for sale...........

A curious combination of 'excellent' and 'so-so.' Excellent: rebuilt engine, unusually strong performance, 80-90 psi oil pressure when warm, all gauges and lights and wipers work, excellent transmission, new clutch, all new master cylinders, new calipers, redone rear brakes, tight front end, fairly new proper redline tires on a beautiful original set of powder coated original wheels, all new tan interior (even door seals are new), excellent dash and dash top, very good exhaust (with an appropriate mellow sound), new top, good older tonneau, very good original chrome and trim, new (expensive) aluminum radiator, new windshield and windshield comprehensively redone car.

ALSO.........excellent floors, chassis and side body/rocker mounts, no sign of rust anywhere.

And the 'so-so?' Fair ugly rockers, probably mostly fiberglass. AND inner and outer rockers are now being replaced, professionally welded into place, using factory panels. And paint? Mediocre at best, hence, this car was purchased as an 'in progress' restoration that probably cost the last owner a small fortune.

Hence, when the rockers are done, the entire car will be repainted and this is the best part....a prospective buyer can (until we do it in our choice of a deep BRG) pick his color. And when painted, can be done in any color...including engine bay, trunk, under the hood and trunk lid, and inside the door jambs. Blue? Red? Black? or our choice...BRG.

So, when done, fresh engine, excellent body, new paint, new top, all new interior.........a beautiful TR6.

Call for details.

Inventory Number: NE-1972-43
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