1973 Triumph TR6 (SOLD)

Nice car just acquired from local customer, can't find any rust underneath....floors, jacking points, frame, sills, all look to be very solid with no patching, undercoating, or repairs.

Went over the body with my kitchen magnet and could not find a trace of plastic filler.....NOT THAT MANY 45 year old Triumphs are lucky to not have been patched and filled with bondo. But this one does not appear to the be the case. I started in front of the front tires, followed the edges, rockers, lower parts of the doors, over the rear wheel well and to the back.

Over the past five years, the following has been done: new paint (is very nice), new convertible top, all new interior, new tires (the most expensive for this application....proper Michelin redlines), brakes and master cylinder, and aluminum rocker cover. Also in the trunk is a luggage rack we could easily install.

On the road, runs 75-80 psi oil pressure, zero smoke at cold start up or hot and running, excellent synchromesh, powerful with perfect running AND perfect working overdrive. The most expensive option for a TR6. Clicks in and out quickly with no slippage or delay. And this 'fifth gear' makes for quieter highway driving with lower revs.

Stereo is an older cassette unit easily replaceable with a modern Stereo/CD with USB input. Other than that one item, ready to drive anywhere, no rattles, no creaks or groans, tracks straight, drives like new, looks great

What would I do if I was going to keep it? For a vintage look we can convert to 15" center lock painted or chrome wire wheels...for a more aggressive look, we can install eight spoke Minilite style alloy wheels. Add a new stereo and a few items for reliability, and one can have one very usable and enjoyable classic sports car.

ALSO.......an effective a/c kit is now available for this TR6, for a warmer climax, it makes this car even more appealing as a reasonable alternative to a contemporary car. In fact, this one item (which also incorporates a powerful supplemental heater) would allow a new owner to drive this car in all seasons and in all parts of the country. Imagine....add either wire wheels or Minilite style wheels, a/c, THIS offers a lot in an under 20k classic sports car.

CANNOT BEGIN TO SUGGEST HOW RARE this combination is....no rust, no bondo, a lot of new visual improvements, great running and driving, overdrive, new top, on and on. As TR6s go, hard to top this one.

Inventory Number: NE-1973-22
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