1973 MG BGT (SOLD)
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A very nice, example, no apparent rust, sold floors and sills, repainted a few years ago, excellent drive train WITH good working overdrive, new Weber carb, oil cooler, new brakes, wire wheels, glass pop open sunroof, wood dashboard, stereo, mostly new interior.

Checked underneath, floors are incredibly well preserved as are inner sills and jacking points. And no rust or damage to battery boxes (usually the first thing to go). Rather impressive underneath.....and not forgetting this car is pushing fifty years old.

These GTs make very stylish all year 'round classic GT cars. Heaters are adequate but we have, in stock, powerful auxiliary heating units that fit, nicely, under the right side of the dash and provide heat comparable to contemporary cars.....last Winter, with one of these heaters in each of my older MGBs, even down to 20 degrees, car was comfortable.

Of course we can also install a/c units which also include powerful heaters. Had one in my last GT and whether 20 or 90 degrees, was comfortable in all situations.

In their day, in England, they were known as 'the poor man's Aston Martin' and when one considers the limitations of a country (our's) with a 65 mph speed limit, these MGB GTs make dandy alternatives to even the mega expensive old Astons. AND A LOT cheaper to service, maintain, and repair.

Inventory Number: NE-1973-25
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