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1974 MG BGT (SOLD)

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Just in and currently being prepared.

As perfect a starting point as we have ever seen.....body passes the 'magnet test' with zero sign of plastic filler. Wonderfully straight, perfect panel fit, excellent rust free floors, sills, body mounts, and battery boxes. Curiously, last painted in base coat/clear coat BUT it never got 'clear coat.' So, for now, looks like maroon primer.

Engine passes all of the smoke cold or hot, 135 psi compression in every cylinder, 65-70psi oil pressure when warm, SUs carbs were just rebuilt, transmission is quiet and with excellent synchromesh, and the differential is quiet.

In doing an initial check, we found all new brakes, new stainless steel fuel tank, oil cooler, ANSA performance exhaust, new fuel pump, restored wire wheels, new chrome knock offs, new radials, very good chrome throughout, very clean original interior, excellent dash and headliner, even the wiring in the engine bay looks great and never cut into or modified.

So..........what are our plans? First of all, my favorite MGBGT is a 1972-1974...the last imported (other than a handful of ugly rubber bumper 1975s). For now, we are doing wheel bearings, modern stereo/CD with USB input, new wood wheel, cleaning, detailing, electronic ignition, back up fuel pump, new fuel lines, making sure every light, switch, and gauge work.

BUT.........and this depends on what we wish to have when done AND/or a prospective buyer's dreams and wishes...........

We are preparing a 3.4 liter Chevy V6 engine, 390 cfm four barrel, high compression pistons, balanced, headersaround 220hp when done And a quick installation mounting kit is available.

Ford T5 five speed transmission

Wilwood four pston front calipers with rear disc brakes AND a power brake servo unit from a 1978 MGB

3/4" front sway bar

Aic conditioning unit with a powerful supplemental heater

Fabric sunroof

Lucas driving lights

Dying the black interior in tan and fitting a new wood dashboard

Chrome wire wheels OR Minilite style alloy wheels using the same knock off splined hubs

Alloy high output radiator, oil cooler

As the list shows, we can built someone an incredible little GT car. Capable of leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. And, in my eye, a small, more reliable, more usable Aston Martin (and I remember the lovely DB5 I owned and used, all year 'round, back in the 1970s). That would fast, comfortable, great handling and braking BUT never EVER cost its owner very much in maintenance and repairs.

The staring point with this car is so incredible....absolutely rust and plastic filler free, doesn't have any signs of the infamous 'kiss of death' cracks by the side my mind, worth really building a car that will hold its own even against contemporary cars. With wonderful classic style.

And, of course, we can do any variation on this basic theme. Keep the original engine, stock or modified (in one of my own MGBs, we did a 2 liter engine with alloy crossflow head, twin Webers, etc. and got around 140-150hp), install a modern 5 speed (as we have done with my two MGB roadsters), add this, don't add that, most anything.

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Inventory Number: NE-1974-28

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