1974 MG BGT (SOLD)

A car I purchased for myself and have lavished a lot of work, improvements, details, and effort to create a fabulous MGBGT.

Our starting point....purchased this car with the help of an MG specialist in Western Pa. He sold it to a local customer three years ago, fellow put it up on jack stands, never drove it (don't ask me why). Curiously, it was painted in maroon base coat/clear coat but NEVER got the clear coat. We did a lot of detail body prep, sanding, disassembling, on and on, just finished painting the car in a beautiful wine color in base coat/clear coat and will soon wet sand and buff to a show finish.

And floors, sills, chassis, body mounts are all very good with nothing more than factory undercoating.

Chrome is all very good, same with brakes, suspension, engine, transmission, etc. Has wire wheels with new BF Goodrich radials.

We added a powerful shrouded electric cooling fan in front of the radiator, oil cooler, back up solid state fuel pump (no better form of reliability than 'redundancy'), modern electronic ignition, racing battery cut off switch, an insulated terminal under the bonnet to allow effortless jump starting without accessing the battery (hidden under a metal panel in the interior), did (in my opinion) a really fantastic interior...all in light tan with a specially made Honey Teak wood dashboard, modern stereo/CD with USB input, new door panels, new seats, excellent headliner and carpets, even spent time and effort to get the dash and roof interior lights to work AND installed LED bulbs.

Beautiful wood steering wheel, inertia reel belts, I tried to add most everything I could think of to created a fantastic MGB GT. However, in one area I skimped....no overdrive nor five speed transmission. And for a reason as my plan (if retained) was to install a 3.4 Camaro V6 engine with close ratio T5 five speed transmission. And enjoy a car referred to as a 'poor man's Aston Martin' in England back in the 1960s. Except with the V6 engine it would have similar performance to an Aston.

What else did I not install (but we can offer to a prospective buyer)? Air conditioning, powerful supplemental heater, things that could make this car into a reasonable alternative to a contemporary car.

So, now, just back from the paint shop, interior done, ready to use as it is OR have us continue adding equipment, modifications, or anything else you might want.

These are great cars, excellent handling, steering, ride, ample performance (with as much performance available, modified four cylinder, V6, even an alloy V8) as one might wish to have. And is available for immediate sale.

Inventory Number: NE-1974-29
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