1974 MG BGT (SOLD)

As beautiful a restored BGT as we have ever seen.....meticulously done by an enthusiast (and twenty year owner of this car), from what I can see, really didn't miss a beat.

I went over all of the edges of the body with my kitchen magnet, couldn't find a trace of plastic filler. Car was painted a year ago (or less) and it just beautiful, and even better with all new chrome. Interior is all new and very nicely detailed. Same with dash, headliner, carpets (with padding), spotless

We were told the engine was rebuilt a few thousand miles ago....smooth, amply powerful, 65-70 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot, clutch works perfectly, excellent gearbox synchromesh, and everything is unusually quiet and refined.

Can see new SU carbs, new oil cooler and lines, excellent wiring harness, very clean engine bay, all gauges and all electrics work, lots of new parts (distributor, washer bag, coil, oil pressure line, etc.) and the result is an impressive, excellent driving MGBGT in show condition (with the proviso that my term 'show' is not meant to be Pebble Beach quality, rather, for local shows). And in driving, incredibly quiet and refined.

Now, one can look at this car as a beginning....and an excellent beginning. What would I do? First I would change the wheels (and have included a couple of photos with a set of Minilite replica wheels to show how it would look). Or, for a more classic appearance, convert to wire wheels. Painted or chrome.

I find the dashboards rather plain and I would install a Honey Teak wood dash....in my eye, adds to the car's appeal. And, of course, a modern stereo/CD.

What else? All of the above we can do AND.....a modern 5 speed transmission? Air conditioning? Fabric full roof sunroof? Driving lights (for the 'rally look')? Being that this car has such a perfect body and floor, all rebuilt drive train, new interior....it would be wonderful starting point to continue the preparatory work.

AND, last but not least, the ultimate addition (and we are doing one right now for a customer) is the installation of a 180hp Camaro 3.4 liter V6 engine and T5 five speed transmission. For Aston Martin like performance.

(in their day, in England, these cars were called the 'poor man's Aston') And with 180+hp in a 2300 pound GT car, performance would be remarkably similar.

A buyer's choice, as to how to 'finish' this MG, and we have experience in doing any of these modifications.

Inventory Number: NE-1974-31
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