1975 Triumph TR6

An unusually good example.....title shows mileage at 66,000 'actual' and now it has 71,000 miles. So, odds are, this car actually has only 71,000 miles since new. And being 45 years old, that comes out to around 1,600 a year.

How is this possible? Well, a lot of these cars were purchased as second, third, or fourth cars from brand new and babied from the first day. In this car's case....perfect floors, even the paint under the carpets is clearly original and excellent. Went over the exterior edges with a magnet, bottom of the doors, around the headlights, stuck everywhere. No sign anywhere of plastic filler. And underneath, perfect chassis and floors and no undercoat to hide anything.

Very nice deep green paint (that we think is original), what appears to be all new interior, new top, boot cover, what seems to be all new chrome............and it gets better. Starts instantly, runs flawlessly, no smoke, (as you can see in the photos) 80-90 psi oil pressure at operating temperature, excellent clutch and gearbox, and (best of all) perfect working overdrive for easy cruising on the highway. Clicks in and out quickly, no slippage, perfect.

What else? Brand new red line tires made specifically for TR6s, not a speck of rust down inside the spare wheel well, very clean engine bay (and it is the same color as the exterior), modern stereo, passes the corner bounce test for shocks, no rear clunks when you release the clutch, everything works properly.

A sensational TR6 with overdrive. Just finished and ready for sale.

Inventory Number: NE-1975-11
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