1975 Triumph TR6

Just in, sweet little TR6. Unloaded it from our trailer, started instantly, took it down the road......zero smoke, cold or hot, at operating temperature running 90 psi oil pressure ('as new'), as it warmed up, still no smoke. Quiet valves, pulled strongly through the gears, no clunks from the rear end, perfect synchromesh, clutch engaged and disengaged perfectly, same with brakes, didn't miss a beat.

Nice interior (and if you want a contrasting tan, we can oblige with our very effective dye process), top is good (but not great)....a new one has been ordered. A retro stereo...ancient AM on the outside, digital inside. Fairly new red line tires, clean engine bay, everything works, exhaust as the appropriate mellow sound, can't really find anything materially wrong.

Trunk is spotless, no rust down deep at the bottom of the tire well, and nicely painted. Even a redline spare tires. And look at the photos....a true 'mirror' image.

And when I crawled underneath and photographed the floors and chassis, excellent in every way. No undercoating other than applied by the factory, no patches, no rust, no damage....and remember, this car is 45 years old! Clearly has led a charmed life.....in many cases, these cars were bought, when new, much as today....a third of fourth car with easy use, care in maintenance, always garaged.

So there it is. A very nice TR6.

Inventory Number: NE-1975-12
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