1976 MG B Roadster (SOLD)
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Just in and just prepared and placed in our showroom:

An excellent starting point.......very clean car, off the road since 1998, 86,000 verified miles since new, our tests: excellent body and floorpan, very good BRG paint, compression test: 155-165 psi in every cylinder, oil pressure 75 psi when hot and ALSO at idle....gosh, this is as perfect as they get. And no smoke.

Engine runs smoothly, doesn't appear to leak oil, clutch feels great. Not only does the transmission work well but also has overdrive and it clicks 'in' and 'out' perfectly. Very good top, clean black interior, excellent wiring and electrics, seems to have been well kept since new.

Work we have just done: lowered to pre 1975 ride height, installed new front end bushings, installed
a near new set of Minilite style alloy wheels, new wood dash, nice leather steering wheel, tonneau, new Sony stereo/CD with USB input, a complete professional chrome bumper conversion, eliminated the side lights and matched/blended in the paint, fitted racing headers and a new Weber 32 DGV carb with electric choke, new alternator, minor odds and ends. A very nice MGB with excellent floor pan/chassis, very clean body, rust free trunk floor And yes, we can (if a new owner wishes) convert to wire wheels. We can also install a modern air conditioning system and even add a very powerful supplemental heating system (as we did on my own 1974 MGB GT...and in 10 degree Winter weather, warmed the interior in only a few minutes and kept the interior as toasty warm as a modern car)

Want a new tan vinyl or leather seats? Easy. Chrome wire wheels? We will take the existing wheels in part trade to help defray some of the cost. All in all, an excellent starting point of a late model B with the esthetics of the earliest cars yet with the later B advantages....servo power assist for the disc brakes, dual master cylinders, alternator, better controls, far better electrical system, overall....a better overall car.

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Inventory Number: NE-1976-11
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