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Year: 1976

MG B roadster


Stock # NE-1976-12


Its very hard to describe this car without a constant use of superlatives. Really, one of the top two or three MGBs we have ever had, seen, driven, or even seen advertised. And as close to 'perfect' as I can imagine.

First of all,the basic car............61,000 original miles since new, as shown, essentially perfect rust, damage, and patch free floors, sills, inner rockers, beautiful. A complete professional chrome bumper conversion allowing retention of some of the best aspects of later cars (power brake servo, stronger gearbox and back axle, better hydraulics and electricals) and the more attractive chrome bumper look of earlier cars. And same with the exterior, went over all of the edges, rockers, quarters with my small kitchen magnet....didn't stick anywhere. Not a trace of plastic filler. And with show quality red paint. Even nicely painted under the trunk carpets. Again, beautiful.

Interior all appears to be new, certainly in excellent condition. From the seats, carpets, panels, dash, even to the chrome rings around the gauges. All like new. Wonderful attention to details...door jamb switches are all new, interior light works, new stereo with USB input, sounds new rubber gaskets and seals, wonderful. Wood dashboard, wood steering wheel, very nice detail work.

Top is new, top frame sandblasted and enameled, chrome is all new, hydraulic hood and trunk lifts, new wiring harness, mostly new electrical components, Minilite style alloy wheels, rear tube shock conversion, the list is almost endless.

BUT...........there is more. A LOT MORE. Engine professionally, done....short block with new pistons, performance camshaft, balanced, lightened flywheel, electronic ignition, oil cooler located under the front apron where it is more effective, (probably around $3-4,000 for the bottom end), gas flowed aluminum cylinder head ($1,500), roller rocker assembly ($1,500), new supercharger assembly ($4,600....with maybe another $500-$1,000 for installation and set up).........maybe $12-13,000 in the engine alone. AND does it go..........smooth, powerful, no flat spots, tons of torque, very exciting. And my first impression was 'if all MGBs went like this, why buy anything else?.

And a rebuilt transmission with perfect working overdrive offering six forward gear ratios.


Excellent ride, handling, shifting, all gauges work properly (including a nicely installed boost gauge to see how the power rises on depressing the throttle). A fabulous car, have been driving it for the past few days, will be a happy entry in someone's barn or garage, ideal for shows, drive anywhere and at any time.

AND........want wire wheels? No problem, all of the parts are in stock. Want the interior dyed a contrasting color such as tan or palomino? Easy. Want a powerful auxiliary heater? Also in stock (and installed one in each of my own MGBs, last Winter, even down to 20 degrees, was nice and warm and toasty). A hardtop? Again, in stock.

Want one of the best MGBs in the world? Call, e mail, or stop in for a thrilling test drive.

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