1977 MG B Roadster (SOLD)
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Just finished.....one of our wonderful 'hybrid' MGBs

We started with a really excellent rubber MGB....okay, all of the usual defects. Ugly, gutless, and ill handling. BUT, a ray of light shining through the EPA and DOT required negatives.

Such as...such refinements as servo (power) brakes, front ans rear sway bars, electronic ignition, thermostatically controlled electric radiator fans, bigger gauges, better dash controls, smoother engine, better gearbox, better trans/engine mounting, on and on.

And the solution....this car has a really excellent body, we did a complete, professional chrome bumper conversion, used all new chrome, lights brackets, sheet metal, etc. And with a Mk I chrome grille. Removed the side lights, plated over the holes with sheet metal, exterior is now identical to the earliest (and best looking) MGBs.

A Weber carb, tubular headers, lowered to early B ride height, the result is elimination of the basic late model MGB flaws.

Compression: 140-145 psi in every cylinder, 70+ psi oil pressure when warm, we redid the brakes new rotors, pads, shoes, added a wood dashboard, wood steering wheel, new Sony stereo/CD with USB input, added a new tan convertible top, car has its original tonneau and boot cover, engine and trunk compartments have been painted and detailed, a lot of new minor trim pieces, new knock off hammer and scissors jack, new chrome knock offs, and........

New floors, excellent rust free sills and chassis rails, base coat/clear coat acrylic paint, hand wet sanded to a show finish, excellent door and panel fit, look at the reflections in the paint to get an idea as to how it looks. Really great.

Starts instantly (assisted by the modern electric choke), runs flawlessly, drives better than many much newer cars. And,of course, does it all with real style.

Inventory Number: NE-1977-10
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