1977 MG B roadster

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A beautiful chrome bumper conversion, all work professionally done. New bumpers, overriders, grille, new sheet metal, lights, on and on to convert an ugly rubber bumper MGB into a beautiful chrome bumper car.

And there is more....rebuilt engine, twin SU carbs, improved manifolds, excellent 4 speed transmission with overdrive (5th gear), A LOT OF WORK DONE (which we can see): thicker rear sway bar, rear tube shocks conversion, front cross drilled rotors, Aeroquip brake lines, spotless detailed engine bay, perfect wiring harness and electrics, all new splined hubs, new chrome knock offs, new radial tires, new muffler, beautiful detailed interior, wood dashboard, carpeted trunk, modern stereo with USB input, electric windows (and they work well), leather seats (not just stock seats but comfy fully adjustable Pontiac Fiero seats with custom leather covering with the MG Octagon on each seat), on and on and on. AND NO RUST underneath, excellent body and paint, beautiful in every way.

AND has perfect working power windows.....geez, talk about luxury!!!!!!!!!!

New convertible top, electronic ignition, thermostatically controlled cooling fans, power assist disc brakes, ALL of the virtues of an early MGB, all of the virtues of a later car. Gone are the 'ugly, ill handling, gutless' nature of later Bs and in this car, the perfect compromise.

Add air conditioning (which we can do) and one could have a beautiful classic sports car that would duplicate the use of a contemporary car. And our a/c units have auxiliary heater units I have tested and found to provide a toasty interior at 10 degrees.

These are great cars and I think this is one of the best ever.

Inventory Number: NE-1977-15

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