1977 MG B Roadster (SOLD)

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77,000 original miles, babied and cared for by a woman owner, very close to spotless throughout.

Absolutely rust free Georgia car, perfect underneath, all original factory undercoating, perfect body with nearly 'as new' paint, near perfect interior, all in all, as close to 'as new' as can be imagined.

Work we did or, work recently done by last owner: new alternator,, complete professional chrome bumper conversion using all new chrome, hardware, sheet metal, and lights, all new splined wire wheel hubs, new chrome knock offs, 15" wire wheels with Michelins (offers higher gearing and less revs on the highway, much like overdrive), new convertible top, carpeted trunk, spare wheel cover.

New wood dash, new wood steering wheel, stereo, new alternator, new distributor, electronic ignition, high output electric cooling fan (thermostatically operated), new clutch slave and master cylinder, new brake master cylinder, new wheel cylinders, new chrome luggage rack, FABULOUS car.

Our tests: 150 psi compression in every cylinder (didn't even seem to vary by a single pound), 70 psi oil pressure, zero smoke cold or hot. starts instantly, runs flawlessly. Everything works so well; it is almost as if this car combined the classic style of an MGB with the easy operation of a new Honda or Toyota.

AND........this car combines the best of the 'old' and the 'new' in an MGB. Classic style with chrome bumpers and wire wheels, wonderful interior graced with the wood dash and steering wheel. And with the virtues (often forgotten) of the far more refined late model MGBs....power brakes, electronic ignition, thermostatically controlled cooling fans, nicer dash, larger gauges, better controls, smoother transmissions, better gearbox mounting, smoother engines, front and rear sway bars, better everything.

As a combination or original and redone, as nice an MGB as we have ever had for sale.

Inventory Number: NE-1977-5

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