1977 MG B V8 (SOLD)
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Just finished......an excellent, rust free car (with 28,000 original miles) just painted in British Racing Green (over faded but otherwise excellent body and paint), complete professional chrome bumper conversion with new bumpers, grille, lights, sheet metal, brackets, hardware, lowered to pre 1975 ride height, chrome wire wheels with brand new splined hubs, rebuilt front end, polyurethane bushings, premium high performance 185/70 radials (and, as a note, we can offer this cr with knock off Minilite type wheels if preferred), new tan leather interior, new tan top and tonneau (not seen in photos, due soon), specially made wood dash (and dash trim and console professionally dyed to match tan interior), wood steering wheel, new Sony stereo/CD with USB input and...........

Rebuilt highly modified 3.9 liter all aluminum Rover V8 (with MG rocker covers), balanced, high lift cam, ported heads, new 4 BBL carb, JWR intake manifold, not dynoed but reputedly 250+hp, 5 speed Rover transmission, MGC 3.08 diff, (thicker) front and rear sway bars, servo (power) brakes, front and all new rear disc brakes, a really sensational car.

Since the alloy V8 weighs 40 pounds LESS than the original cast iron four cylinder, this is not an ungainly, ill conceived modification. Actually, it more or less duplicstes the work in the factory built UK MGBGT/V8 but in a late model US spec roadster.

We finished this car with a lot of updates and improvements....new special high capacity cored radiator, twin high capacity electric cooling fans, high output fuel pump, 3" racing seat belts, proper V8 badges, on and on. And with over $3,000 of the best brakes, it stops as well as it accelerates.

I was doing this car for myself, hence 'cost was no object.' And then I realized (aka 'came to my senses') 'with two other high performance, wildly modified MGBs', in my barn, is having three just one too many?

Have seen other V8 conversions but, to be candid, the owners generally don't 'go the distance' as wth this car. An outstanding interior, recalibrated gauges, special cooling, incredible brakes, superior esthetics, on and on. AND we started with a car with only 28k miles....as perfect a starting point as we can imagine.

A sensational one of a kind MGB that is a dream to drive. Feels remarkably refined, smooth, excellent ride, and every once in a while, fun to 'punch it.' And as the revs pass 4,000 rpm, the cam comes in and it really flies.

Call for details.

Inventory Number: NE-1977-8
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