1978 Zink Mk 10C Formula Ford (SOLD)
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Purchased for my son to race, change in priorities makes this car superfluous to our needs.

I wanted a really top quality Fm Ford. And the Zink seemed the best.....being the US National Champion in 1977 and 1979....a 1978 seemed just about ideal. Very roomy cockpit, rocker arm front suspension, possibly the most efficient aerodynamics, a known, proven commodity and probably the best way to go competitive racing.

I purchased this car from a member of one of my race clubs. Had seen it raced...even raced against it last year. Body is excellent, painted in a dull black (easy to touch up), switched his race number to mine, #44.

Completely restored in 2009, very nicely detailed chassis, suspension, etc. Has been raced only ten times since, Scholar engine redone in 2012 with new block, also new suspension springs, new shocks, only two races on Dunlop FF race tires.

Fuel cell, fire system, vintage legal in every way (and raced with VRG and SCCA), we tested the car at Thomspon in Juy 2014 and it performed flawlessly. Huge side radiators (ran nice and cool on a very hot day), racing mechanical tach, alloy wheels, AND complete with a comprehensive set of spares....three noses, side pods, complete set of body molds, Hewland gears, spare set of alloy wheels, suspension and brake pieces, and lots of boxes I never even examined.....plenty of 'stuff' for one's very own racing team.

What a wonderful racer....simple, reliable, exactly legal in every way, current SCCA log book, buy it/drive it and have a lot of fun in the 2015 racing season.

Its my own car, seems to need nothing, reasonably priced and possibly open to trade for classic road sports car (MG, Morgan, Trimph, AH, Lotus, other?)

Inventory Number: NE-1978-10
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